Current IFPS affiliated Societies and Councillors

The current list of the IFPS officers and IFPS councillors is provided below. The IFPS president (Jean Nicloas Haas), IFPS secretary-treasurer (James B. Riding), IFPS editor of PALYNOS (Encarni Montoya), and the IFPS Web-Master (vacant) should be informed of any errors or necessary changes (email addresses below)

The list of current IFPS councillors also includes information on website addresses for the various societies. Please inform the IFPS Officers of possible website changes.



IFPS Officers Affiliation Email
IFPS President                      Jean Nicolas Haas University of Innsbruck, Austria Jean-Nicolas.Haas(at)
IFPS Past President              Charles Wellman University of Sheffield, England C.Wellman(at)
IFPS Secretary-Treasurer / President-Elect     James B. Riding British Geological Survey, UK jbri(at)
IFPS Editor of PALYNOS   Encarni Montoya University of Liverpool, UK encarnacionmontoya(at)
IFPS Web-Master                 Benjamin Dietre University of Innsbruck, Austria benjamin.dietre (at)
IFPS affiliated Societies Acronym & Website Councillors

American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists –

The Palynological Society

AASP – TPS                                 Fabienne Marrret-Davies

Arbeitskreis für Paläobotanik und Palynologie


APP     Martina Stebich
Arbeitskreis für Vegetationsgeschichte der Reinhold-Tüxen-Gesellschaft AVRTG              Hermann Behling
Asociación Latinoamericana de Paleobotánica y Palinología ALPP                   Mercedes di Pasquo
Asociación de Palinólogos de Lengua Española APLE                    Pilar S. Testillano
Association des Palynologues de Langue Française APLF                      Marie-Pierre Ledru
Canadian Association of Palynologists CAP                          Terri Lacourse
Collegium Palynologicum Scandinavicum CPS                            Heikki Seppä
Commission Internationale de Microflore du Palëozoique CIMP                           Jiří Bek
Gruppo di Palinologia della Società Botanica Italiana GPSBI Laura Sadori
International Association for Aerobiology IAA     Dorota Myszkowska
Linnean Society Palynology Specialist Group LSPSG                                                Barry Lomax
Organisation of Czech and Slovak Palynologists OCSP                                                        Marianna Kováčová
Palynological Association of Nigeria PAN Emuobosa Orijemie
Palynological Society of China PSC             Wei-Ming Wang
Palynological Society of Japan PSJ                                                           Hikaru Takahara 
Palynological Society of Poland PSP Milena Obremska
Palynologische Kring (The Netherlands) PK                                     Timme Donders
Palynologists and Plant Micropalaeontologists of Belgium PPMB Philippe Steemans
Russian Palynological Commission RPC Elena Novenko
Society for the Promotion of Palynological Research in Austria



Michael Hesse
The Micropalaeontological Society Palynology Group TMS                                       Manuel Vieira
The Palaeobotanical Society India PBS                                       Rama S. Singh
Turkish Committee for Palynology TCP Zühtü Bati
Affiliation/Membership of the IFPS at the:    
International Union of Geological Societies IUGS Lucy Edwards
International Union of Biological Societies IUBS Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu
Societies on hold/Former Societies of the IFPS:    
International Association for African Palynology AIPA/IAAP  
Palynological and Palaeobotanical Association of Australia PPAA  
Philippine Palynological Society PPS  


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